Slackware's init

Peter Kaagman

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This document is guided tour through Slackware's init proces, guided by the scripts and manpages.

Table of Contents
1. Legal
1.1. Disclaimer
1.2. Copyright
2. Preface.
3. Init
3.1. Runlevels.
3.2. Init, the mother of all processes.
3.3. /etc/inittab
3.4. Comments to start with
3.5. The Slackware runlevels
3.6. The default runlevel
3.7. System initialisation
3.8. The runlevel scripts
3.9. Special circumstances
3.10. A way to logon
3.11. Another way to logon.
3.12. And then there is X.
3.13. Where did that get us.

1. Legal

1.1. Disclaimer

This document is distributed in the hope it will be usefull. Although all effort is done to ensure the information in this document is correct, it comes without any guaranties. The information is based on personal experience and seems to work for me. This of course does not mean I would not like to hear about any errors you might find.

1.2. Copyright

Copyright (c) Peter Kaagman 2002-2004

This document is the intelectual property of Peter Kaagman. Permission is granted to ditribute it under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.2 or any later version as published by the Free Software Foundation. You van read the complete license at